"On energy security, I was lamenting a bit, perhaps, in that part of my speech. We have a clear tasking, as we call it in our jargon, clear instructions, more undiplomatically, from the Heads of State and Government in Bucharest on energy security. And that goes from creating benchmarks to the protection of critical infrastructure, which is, of course, first and foremost a national responsibility to indeed, in my opinion, a discussion and we have that, of course, in the piracy discussion very much on our table already where it is not exclusively energy security in the Gulf of Aden and in other places in the world. But certainly also energy security. And it was the oil companies which already quite some time ago approached NATO—not exclusively NATO, also the European Union—to see how these international organizations could be helpful. My point simply is that you ask me about energy security. The security element is already there, and I can tell you that the present strategic concept of NATO, of dating back, as you know, to 1999, is already talking about the free flow of energy."
Transatlantic leadership for a new era: Speech and Q & A by NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
Security and Defence Agenda, NATO, 26 January, 2009


NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation