Omar Sheikh
'Crisis Newsletter' 27 January 2003

The following excerpt is taken from 'Crisis Newsletter' 27.1.2003 produced by Ian Henshall, publisher of Ian Henshall is also chair of INK the Alternative Publishers umbrella group in the UK, although opinion given in the newsletter is in a personal capacity.

Although the newletter says "MP Harry Cohen has put down a question on the matter to the Foreign Office, which they have refused to answer", the actual question concerned was from another MP, Mark Oaten (although Mr Cohen had also been asking questions). Also it should be noted that Daniel Pearl was a reporter with the Wall St Journal (not the New York Times as stated in the newsletter).

For more on Omar Sheikh, the central figure in this matter, see:

Extract from Crisis Newsletter, 27.1.03


Chinks are appearing, notably November's four page essay by Gore Vidal in
The Observer. But the corporate media are still largely sticking to the
demonstrably false Official Story of 911 - that Al Qaida did it all alone
even though they have never managed anything better than a truck bomb before
or since. So research into the events tends to be by alternative sources.

Dissidents believe that the blocking of FBI agents who could have stopped
the 911 plot was deliberate act of complicity by the Bush Junta whose
popularity and pre-existing invasion goals were given an enormous boost by
success of the attacks.

Virtually every aspect of the Official Story has been discredited or come
under attack, from Bush's inexplicable behaviour in the Texas schoolroom to
the implausible find of Atta's smouldering passport in the ruins of the Twin
Towers, to the immediate assertion from Bush/Blair that such attacks were
unthinkable, now belied by numerous reports of explicit warnings.

Now the Natural Law Party has produced a superb piece of research into the
British connection Al Qaida. In contrast to the image projected by the
corporate media, The Natural Law Party adheres to reason and science in its
arguments, rejecting Bush/Blair's system of by spin, greed and religious

Despite the brutal efforts of Weasel Blair to silence him, ex-MI5 employee
David Shayler has demonstrated that MI6 was plotting with elements linked to
Al Qaida to assassinate Ghadaffi as late as the mid nineties. The then
Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind has denied authorising the plot which is
therefore in law a simple conspiracy to murder, a conspiracy which Blair is
keen to cover up.

These are not the only links between Al Qaida and Bush/Blair. Now the NLP
has investigated the murder of New York Times journalist Daniel Pearl and
highlights an astonishing fact:

The Pakistani sentenced to death for the murder of Pearl, Omar Sheikh, is
the same Al Qaida contact who wired USD 100,000 to Mohammed Atta shortly
before 911 on the instructions of the head of Pakistani Intelligence General
Mahmoud who quietly resigned soon after. 

Astonishingly, Mahmoud on the days around the 911 attacks was in a series of
secret top level meetings in the White House and with hawkish senators on
Capitol Hill. The payment to Atta was traced by Indian intelligence, where
sources say they have much more information on the links between Bush people
and the hijackers.

The New York Times, believe it or not, is hated by the Bush warmongers, not
because they don't support the war in general but because they are still
prepared to ask sensitive questions, a crime in the Junta's America. The New
York Times has researched the anthrax attacks and believes they were carried
out not by a lone right wing nut in the Administration but by a well
organised group, a big step towards exposing the wider 911 plot.

The NLP suspects that Pearl was murdered because he was investigating the
smoking gun USD 100,000 transaction and that Sheikh was framed for the
murder to stop him talking. Sheikh as it happens is a UK citizen and Labour
MP Harry Cohen has put down a question on the matter to the Foreign Office,
which they have refused to answer.

With the murder of Pearl and the bile directed towards the New York Times,
and after what many in US politics privately believe was the flagrant murder
of Senator Paul Wellstone by the Junta, it is not surprising that so few in
the US corporate media are prepared to investigate the truth of the 911 attacks....

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British Parliamentary Question On Omar Sheikh
"To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he has received a response from the Pakistan Government for his request for information on the detention of Mr. Sheikh; and if it provides evidence of a link between Mr. Sheikh and the September 11 attacks."
Question asked through the British House of Commons by Member of Parliament
Published in Hansard, the official British parliamentary record, 16 Dec 2002

"As the legal process [in relation to Sheikh's alleged murder of Pearl] is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to comment on possible linkages to other terrorist crimes."
Answer provided by Foreign Office Minister for South Asia and the Far East
Published in Hansard, the official British parliamentary record, 16 Dec 2002

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