British suicide bomber 'in link to New York mosque'

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"An American al-Qaeda operative who was a close associate of the leader of the July 7 bombers was recruited at a New York mosque that British militants helped to run.... New York police have confirmed that they are still trying to trace the real identities of British Muslims who have been making trips since before September 11, 2001. A new book, The One Per Cent Doctrine, by Ron Suskind, claims that FBI and CIA agents discovered that Khan had made trips to the US and was in contact with American Muslim extremists on the East Coast. Mohammed Junaid Babar, one recruit from the Masjid Fatima Islamic Centre, has told US intelligence officials that he met Khan in a jihadi training camp in Pakistan in July 2003. He claims that the pair became friends as they studied how to assemble explosive devices. Babar, 31, a computer programmer, says that it was at the Masjid Fatima centre that he became a radical. He has admitted in a US court to supplying money and military materials to a high-ranking al-Qaeda official at the jihadi camp in the South Waziristan, close to the Afghan border. Babar moved to Britain after his month at the camp. FBI agents who arrested him in Queens in April 2004 say that he had been under surveillance 'for some time' but so far they have not revealed all that Babar told them about Khan. Raymond Kelly, the New York Police Commissioner, said that a number of radicial British organisations have been active in recruiting followers and raising money in the city. He named the al-Muharjiraoun group, run by the militant preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed, who use to live in London but is now banned [post 7/7] from entering the country. Commissioner Kelly said that police had been watching the activities of al-Muhajiroun before Bakri called for the group to disband in 2004. 'Before it was dissolved, Al-Muhajiroun was political and was aimed at a college student constituency,' he said. ... In return for a lesser jail sentence, Babar reportedly told the FBI the names of other American Muslims who reportedly went to terrorist camps after attending this centre...."
British suicide bomber 'in link to New York mosque'
London Times, 21 June 2006 (above)

"Michael Springman, the former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, has stated that since 1987 the CIA had been illicitly issuing visas to unqualified applicants from the Middle East and bringing them to the US for training in terrorism for the Afghan war in collaboration with Bin Laden (BBC, November 6 2001). It seems this operation continued after the Afghan war for other purposes. It is also reported that five of the hijackers received training at secure US military installations in the 1990s (Newsweek, September 15 2001)."
This war on terrorism is bogus
Guardian, 6 September 2003

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